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    FAQ: Forensic Watermarking

    In this topic, you can view the answers to a number of frequently asked questions related to Brightcove Forensic Watermarking.


    Forensic Watermarking (FW) allows you to protect your premium content from piracy and unauthorized content sharing. This feature adds an invisible watermark to your videos, allowing you to track any content leaks.

    To learn more about this feature, see the Overview: Forensic Watermarking document.


    How is the NAGRA License key obtained?

    Review the NAGRA website. Once you have a contract with NAGRA, then they will send you a license key.

    How does content detection work?

    The detection process is based on a portion of the content that is able to be downloaded, captured, or recorded into a file. A specific tool from NAGRA, called Packager, generates a .pak file. This file is submitted to NAGRA to retrieve the unique sequence delivered, which is then matched to a user. You are responsible for matching the sequence to the user. Detection services are acquired directly with NAGRA; usually done by a 3rd party hired by the content owner to crawl the internet to find illegal content.


    Is Forensic Watermarking supported with Chromecast and AirPlay?

    Yes. Both Chromecast and AirPlay are supported with the Brightcove web player and the Brightcove Native SDKs.

    With Chromecast, the watermark token is passed along to the cast receiver.

    Does the Forensic Watermarking feature support BYO CDN?

    Not currently.

    Tracking and reporting

    How does NAGRA track the number of transactions used by a customer?

    NAGRA does not have a way to track if any portion of our software is connected to NAGRA for reporting transactions.

    You are responsible for downloading from the Analytics API a report with the number of unique viewers per day, every 24hrs, to provide as proof the number of transactions used.

    How is reporting handled?

    Analytics reports on viewers for forensic watermarked videos are available via the Analytics API.

    For details, see the Overview: Forensic Watermarking document.


    What is the minimum video duration required to successfully use FW?

    5 minutes

    Web Player

    Is there an overlay to indicate viewers the content has an invisible watermark?

    Brightcove Player supports an overlay.
    Example: Configuring a Player Overlay Using the Overlay Plugin.

    Page last updated on 13 Aug 2021