Error Reference

This topic provides a reference to error messages returned by the Analytics API.

Error messages

HTTP Code Error Code Description Resolution
400 BAD_REQUEST This error indicates that the request made had a client side error. The message generally has information about what the error was. The message fields of the response contains information about what caused the error such as `invalid value for sort parameter.
400 UNSUPPORTED_FIELD_COMBINATION_ERROR This error indicates that the fields parameter for a report included one or more fields that are not valid for the report type. The message fields of the response contains information about what invalid fields were specifed.
400 TIME_RANGE_UNAVAILABLE This response is sent back when the historical/batch processing system doesn't have the data you're asking for.
401 UNAUTHORIZED This error indicates that the authorization (OAuth2 or LA token) used to make is the request is not valid. Check the authorization token being used. It is possible that the token used is beyond the time window for which it was valid and a newer token is needed. Generally, each token expires after 5 minute. The authorization token can be specified as a url parameter access_token or in the Authorization header. Refer to Managing API Credentials for more details.
404 NOT_FOUND This error is generally sent back when the requested endpoint doesn't exist. Check the endpoint being asked for.
405 METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED This error occurs when the api request is made with an HTTP method other than GET. Make all requests to the API with HTTP GET.
500 SERVER_ERROR This error occurs when there is an internal error on the server. The server may send this back when it is not available or is facing transient issue. Try again in some time with some amount of exponential backoff. If the problem persists, please create a Support ticket.
503 PROCESSING This means that the server has received the request and is currently processing it. The Analytics API may send back this message if it encounters a long running query. Once the query has finished it will be stored in the server’s cache for up to 5 minutes. Therefore we suggest querying the API 4 minutes after receiving this error