Platform APIs Known Issues

This is a compilation of platform API known issues.

Analytics API

Requesting video or player fields in the fields without requesting them as dimensions

If you use video or player fields (such a video , video_name , player or player_name ) in the fields to return but do not include them in the dimensions in the dimensions , the response items will include irrelevant values for those items and should be ignored. Other values in the items will be valid

Workaround: Do not include video or player fields in the response fields unless you also include them as dimensions .

High number of "other" results for device_manufacturer
In some cases, you may see a high number of "other" results for the device_manufacturer field. This occurs when the Data Collector does not recognize the user_agent delivered to it with analytics data. The most common cause that we have identified for this is a custom user_agent string created by Instagram, but there are probably others.


In certain cases, the original_filename gets corrupted
In some cases, the original_filename field for videos gets corrupted and will not contain the real filename.
Tags may not contain commas
If you attempt to add a tag to a video that contains a comma (e.g. "SomeCo, Inc") the request will fail with an "illegal tag" error
Scheduled Videos
Because the Playback API and Catalog cache videos for up to 10-15 minutes, a player requesting a video scheduled to become available during the next few minutes (up to 20), may not be able to get a playable video until the cache refreshes.

If you are using this field to test whether a video can be retranscoded, it is not reliable for shared videos, as it will be true if the original video has a master, but still cannot be retranscoded by the affiliate account.

Workaround: If videos are shared to the account, you need to test for both has_digital_master = true and sharing.by_external_account = false . Sample code (JavaScript):

var video={some_video_object}
if (video.sharing !== null) {
  if (video.sharing.by_external_account === false) {
    if (video.has_digital_master) {
    // video can be retranscoded
Duplicate Reference ID allowed for playlists when using update/PATCH
When you update a playlist reference_id using the CMS API (or the Media module, since it uses the same API request), a reference id already in use for another playlist will be allowed.