Short Manifest TTL

In this topic, you will learn about setting a specific TTL for the manifest URLs.


In the media playback workflow, the player calls the Playback API (or Edge Auth API) to retrieve available manifests to start playback. The player provides a Policy Key or JSON Web Token (JWT) for authentication. For increased availability and scalability, these APIs have a caching layer that stores the responses from the signed manifest URL.

Since signed manifests are cached, the time to live (TTL) needs to be long enough to be valid for the time it will be in the cache, plus a buffer to be usable by the player. Using short manifest TTLs with long media TTLs provides a solution that prevents easy URL sharing while allowing viewers to continue unimpeded playback.

Managing manifest TTLs

Manifest TTLs can be manged as follows:

  • Every account can be set to a specific TTL for manifest URLs
  • By default, the TTL is 6 hours
  • TTL is enabled by account
  • Manifest TTL can be set per account from 1 min up to 6 hours
  • Media URLs TTL remains at 6 hours and can't be modified


The following limitations apply to this feature:

  • Live content is not supported with short manifest TTL
  • When using Forensic Watermarking, short manifest TTL is not supported

Mininum player versions

The following players are supported with this feature:

  • Brightcove Player (web) - version 6.65.1 and newer
  • Native SDK for Android - version 6.18.6 and newer
  • Native SDK for iOS - version 6.10.6 and newer