CMS API Custom Fields Reference

This is a reference to video fields returned by the CMS API for a get request to:{{account_id}}/video_fields.

Custom fields

Field Type Description
max_custom_fields Number Number of custom fields a publisher can create on the account
custom_fields Array List of custom field objects on the account
standard_fields Array List of fields that are required or have a description. Standard fields that have neither will not appear in this array.

Custom field map

For each custom field:

Field Type Description
id String Internal name of the field
description String  
display_name String  
type String one of 'enum' or 'string' (which translates to 'List' or 'Text' in the UI)
enum_values Array Array of String values valid for the custom field; only present when type = 'enum'
required Boolean Whether this field must have a value before the video can be activated