Overview: Social API

This topic provides an overview of the Social API.


The Social API allows to get the social sharing status and history for you videos. It is mainly intended to help with CMS integrations, to allow your users to view this information in your own CMS system.

For full details of requests, see the API reference.

Base URL

The base URL for the API is:



Authentication for requests requires an Authorization header :

        Authorization: Bearer {access_token}

The access_token is a temporary OAuth2 access token that must be obtained from the Brightcove OAuth service. For details on how to obtain client credentials and use them to retrieve access tokens, see the Brightcove OAuth Overview topic.


When you request client credentials, you will need to specify the type of account access or operations that you want. The following is a list of the currently supported operations for the Social API :

  • video-cloud/social/status/read

Note that the operations needed can also be enabled in the Studio Admin section for Managing API Credentials.

Summary of requests

In the current version of the API, only GET requests are supported. There are two groups of requests, summarized in the following sections.

Status requests

Status requests return the current social sharing status for videos. You can get the status for all videos in your account, or a specific video.

History requests

History requests return the social sharing history for videos. You can get the history for all videos in your account, or a specific video.