Getting Started
This section provides overviews of the APIs, authenticating API requests, testing tools, and building simple web apps using the APIs.
General Information
These topics apply to most or all of the APIs.
Analytics API
The Analytics API allows you to obtain analytics data for your Video Cloud accounts programmatically. You can also view the built-in analytics reports in the Analytics Module of Video Cloud Studio. Accessing the data programmatically gives you additional flexibility.
Brightcove offers a simple and flexible solution for adding videos and media assets to Video Cloud using Aspera. The topics in this section explain the details.
Audience API
The Audience API allows you to retrieve viewing event and lead data. This API is aimed primarily at those working on marketing automation.
Cloud Playout APIs
There are two APIs for Cloud Playout: 1) The EPG API used to get an electronic programming guide (EPG) for a channel; 2) the Channels API used to retrieve information about channels.
The CMS API provides uncached read access to all your media data.
Cross Device Resume API
The cross-device resume (XDR) feature lets you start watching video on one device, like mobile, and switch to another device, like your home TV.
Data Collection API
This section provides information on using the Data Collection API to send analytics data to Brightcove. Note that you do not need to use this API unless you are using a non-Brightcove player.
Delivery Rules API
Delivery Rules enable you to customize how your media is delivered to meet your business objectives.
Delivery System API
The Delivery System API allows you to create a git repository associated with a Brightcove player and store files associated with the player there.
Dynamic Ingest API
The Dynamic Ingest API is used to ingest videos and other media assets into Video Cloud.
Image API
The Image API allows you to resize, crop, and rotate images.
Ingest Profiles API
The Ingest Profiles API is used to manage ingest profiles, which define what happens when you ingest videos and other media assets into Video Cloud.
Ingestion via MRSS
You can ingest videos and assets to Video Cloud using an MRSS feed.
Brightcove Interactivity APIs
The Brightcove Interactivity APIs allow you to manage and enhance your interactions, and to create your own custom interactions.
In-Page Experience API
Manage your Brightcove Gallery in-page experiences using the In-Page Experience API. This API is aimed primarily at those integrating Gallery with a CMS or other system.
Live API
The Live API allows you to create and manage live steams.
The Brightcove implementation of OAuth2 allows you to manage client credentials and get access tokens for various Brightcove APIs.
Playback API
The Playback API is used to fetch video and playlist data from Video Cloud. It is typically used to get video data to a player on a web page or in a mobile app.
Player Management API
Player Management refers to the creation, editing and management of players as a resource to publishers.
Playback Restrictions
Brightcove's Playback Restrictions provide a scalable and expressive way to manage video playback.
Policy API
The Policy API is used to create or get policy keys that can be used to access the Playback API.
Social API
The Social API allows to get the social sharing status and history for you videos.
Social Syndication API
The Social Syndication API is used to generate MRSS feeds from a Video Cloud video library.
Brightcove SSAI stitches ads right into the video content stream, so it works on any device that can play streaming video.
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