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    Multilingual Metadata

    This topic provides an overview of adding multilingual metadata to videos for viewers who speak different languages. Multilingual metadata is particularly important to Brightcove Beacon customers, but may be used with Video Cloud videos generally.


    If you have an international audience (or multilingual within the same country), you may want to provide video metadata such as the title and description in multiple languages.

    Video Cloud allows multilingual versions of the following:

    • images
    • text tracks
    • name (via variants)
    • description variants)
    • long description variants)
    • custom field values variants)


    Using the CMS API (Create a Video Variant) you can add and manage an array of variants to provide an alternative name, description, long_description, and map of custom field/values specific to a language. for example:

      "variants": [
          "language": "es-ES",
          "name": "Garzas de gran azul",
          "description": "Una familia de grandes garzas azules",
          "long_description": "Este video fue filmado en las marismas cerca de Tampa, Florida, EE. UU.",
          "custom_fields": {
            "subject": "naturaleza",
            "topic": "aves"

    Images and text tracks

    Images and text tracks for alternate languages can be added using the Dynamic Ingest API. For details, see the following topics:

    Page last updated on 28 Sep 2020