Archiving Masters

In this topic, you will learn about archiving the digital master for the video when you ingest it.


If you archive a master when you ingest a video, you will be able to re-transcode the video later without ingesting it again. This topic explains your options for archiving your masters. Note that archiving the master means storing the master video file in your account so that it is available for future processing. See Creating Ingest Profiles for Dynamic Delivery for more information.

Note that if you store the digital master when you ingest the video, and then retranscode the video using a profile that does not archive masters, the digital master for the video will not be removed, and you will still be able to retranscode the video.

Archiving a master

To archive a master for your video, you need to include the digital_master object in your ingest profile:

        "account_id": 3423487123048,
        "digital_master": {
            "rendition": "passthrough",
            "distribute": false
        "name": "nondrm-default",

Source or rendition

For Dynamic Delivery (including Context Aware Encoding) profiles, you can archive the video source file as a master (in other words, set "rendition": "passthrough" in the digital_master part of the profile). The digital_master will not be distributed (pushed to the CDN as an available rendition) for these profiles, even if you set "distribute": true.

To use the video source file you ingest as the master, include the following code in your ingest profile:

    "digital_master": {
        "rendition": "passthrough",
        "distribute": false

Default behavior

By default (if the profile does not include a digital_master field), the Dynamic Ingest API and Upload Module will behave exactly as if the following had been included in the profile:

    "digital_master": {
        "distribute": false,
        "rendition": "none"

In other words, no digital master will be stored.

If you have the following in your profile:

    "digital_master": {
        "distribute": false

... with no rendition field to specify what should be archived, the source video will be archived as the digital master.

Standard profiles

The standard profiles for Dynamic Delivery will automatically store masters but not distribute them:

Standard Dynamic Delivery profiles

  • multi-platform-extended-static
  • multi-platform-extended-static-with-MP4
  • multi-platform-standard-static
  • multi-platform-standard-static-with-MP4
  • multi-platform-extended-dynamic
  • multi-platform-extended-dynamic-with-MP4
  • multi-platform-standard-dynamic
  • multi-platform-standard-dynamic-with-MP4
  • low-bandwidth-dynamic