Overview: Delivery Rules

In this topic, you will learn how Brightcove's Delivery Rules enable you to customize how your media is delivered to meet your business objectives.


Brightcove's Delivery Rules is a feature of Dynamic Delivery that allows you to leverage the just-in-time manifest generation capability on a more granular basis. With Delivery Rules, you can create custom rules to control how your content is delivered to the viewer. This allows you to deliver content more efficiently and effectively.

Delivery Rules give you the ability to create conditional logic based on device type, user location or a signal from your application. When these conditions are triggered, you control the behavior such as the types of renditions returned and which CDN to use.

For details about implementing Delivery Rules, see the following:


As you can imagine, the combinations of conditional logic can be endless. Here are some examples for what Delivery Rules can do:

Multiple Subscription Tiers

A common model for subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services is to offer two subscription tiers: standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD).

Based on a signal from your application, you can tell Dynamic Delivery to return only SD renditions for standard users and HD renditions for premium users.

Geography Optimized CDNs

While most CDNs are optimized for worldwide distribution, there are some areas that are better served by a region-specific CDN. An in-region or in-country CDN can be used for optimal delivery.

With Delivery Rules, you can create a rule so that when a viewer is located in a specific area, a region-specific CDN will be used. For all other users, a global CDN will be used.

Device Optimized Renditions

Since consumers view media from a variety of screen sizes, it is less than ideal to deliver the same set of renditions to each device.

With Delivery Rules, you can create a rule that detects if the viewer's device is a phone, and exclude 1080p renditions. You could have another rule that detects if a viewer is on an OTT device, and exclude renditions below 360p.