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    Overview: Social Syndication API

    The Social Syndication Feed API is a publicly accessible API that allows anyone with account and syndication ids to retrieve an MRSS feed generated using the Syndication Configuration API.

    The Brightcove Syndication Feed API is a public API for retrieving MRSS feeds created using the Syndication Configuration API.

    The Syndication Configuration API can also be used to retrieve feeds by simply opening the syndication_url returned in the syndication object into a browser, but the Feed API is different in that it requires no authentication - anyone having the right URL can retrieve the feed.

    The primary use cases for retrieving feeds using one API or the other are as follows:

    • If you only want to host the feed yourself, for subscribers, for example, then you would use the Syndication Configuration API to retrieve the feed.
    • If you have syndication partners who you wish to give the feed to use and host in whatever way they wish, you can give the Feed API URL with the syndication_id to retrieve feeds directly.

    API reference / base URL

    The Feed API Reference contains full details on the available requests and responses.

    The base URL is:


    Access to the Feed API does not require authentication, as feeds are intended to be publicly accessible.


    There is only one operation for the Feed API: GET a feed based on the syndication_id.

    Request URL{account_id}/mrss/syndications/{syndication_id}/feed

    Method: GET

    Query parameters

    All query parameters are optional.

    Maximum number of items to include in the feed response. Allowed range from 1 to 100. Default: 100.
    Number of items to skip over when generating the returned feed. Default: 0.
    An ISO-8601 datetime string (for example, 2016-03-16T15:42:06.000Z or 2016-03-16T10:47:29-05:00) that will limit the feed results to assets updated after the given date.

    Request body: none

    This is important! if you include a request body, an error will be returned.

    Response type: XML

    Page last updated on 13 Apr 2022