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Video Fields Reference

This is a reference to video fields returned by the Playback API.

Primary fields

Table 1: Primary Fields
Field Type Default Description
id String none The video id
account_id String none The id of the account
created_at ISO 8601 date-time String none The date-time a video was added to the account; example: "2014-12-09T06:07:11.877Z"
cue_points Array of cue_point Objects empty array Markers for midroll ad requests or some other action to be created via the player API
custom_fields Object Empty object Map of custom field name:value pairs; only fields that have values are included
description String null The short description of the video - 250 single-byte characters maximum
duration Number null Length of the video in milliseconds
economics String AD_SUPPORTED Indicates whether ad requests are permitted for the video. Values: AD_SUPPORTED or FREE
link link Object null A related link
long_description String null 5000 single-byte characters maximum
name String none Video title - required field (256 single-byte characters maximum)
poster String null Poster image URL
published_at ISO 8601 date-time String none The date-time a video was published; example: "2014-12-09T06:07:11.877Z"
reference_id String null Any value that is unique within the account (150 single-byte characters maximum)
sources Array Empty Array Array of video source Objects
tags Array Empty Array Array of tags (strings) added to the video (128 single-byte characters per tag maximum)
text_tracks Array of text_track Objects Empty Array Data for WebVTT captions associated with the video
thumbnail String null The thumbnail image URL
updated_at ISO 8601 date-time String none The date-time a video was last modified;[1-2] example: "2015-01-13T17:45:21.977Z"


  • [1-2] The modification may have been made by a user or the Video Cloud system

source Object

Table 2: source Object Fields
Field Type Default Description
asset_id String none The rendition id in Video Cloud
app_name String none The RTMP address for RTMP streams
avg_bitrate Integer none Average bitrate for the rendition
codec String none The video codec
container String none The video container type
duration Integer none The duration in milliseconds
key_systems Object none DRM specification Object - If this Object is defined, then its source is content protected
size Integer none The size in bytes
src String none The source URL
stream_name String none The stream name for RTMP streams
type String none Video MIME type that defines the communication protocol used - values:
  • HLS: application/x-mpegURL
  • HLS: application/
  • DASH: application/dash+xml
  • MP4: video/mp4
width Integer none Pixel width of the rendition

cue_point Object

Table 3: Cue Point Object Fields
Field Type Default Description
id String none The cue point id
name String null Optional name for the cue point (128 single-byte characters maximum)
type String AD Values: AD or CODE
time Number none Time of the cue point in seconds; example: 10.527
metadata String null Optional metadata string (512 single-byte characters maximum)
force-stop Boolean false Whether video is force-stopped at the cue point
Table 4: link Object Fields
Field Type Default Description
text String null Display text for the link
url String null URL for the link

text_track Object

Table 5: Text Track Fields
Field Type Default Description
src String (URL) null URL where the .vtt file resides
srclang ISO-639-1 language code null Language for the captions
label String null The label to be used in the player menu - it should be in the same language as the captions
kind String null The only value currently supported is captions
mime_type Strings null The mime_type of the captions[9-1]
default Boolean false Setting this to true makes this the default captions file in the player menu


  • [9-1] Setting the mime_type is optional, but the captions should be UTF-8 encoded and have a mime_type of "text/vtt"

key_systems Object

The key_systems object contains a list of objects, one for each DRM key name. If this object is defined, then its source is content protected.

Table 4: key_systems Object
Field Type Default Description
key name Object null Name of the Object which specifies the DRM type – valid keys include:

* FairPlay:
* PlayReady:
* Widevine: com.widevine.alpha
FairPlay uses key_request_url and certificate_url
others use license_url
String null URL for where your DRM license or certificate resides

Example 1:

    "key_systems": {
      "": {
        "key_request_url": "https://....",
        "certificate_url": "https://..."

Example 2:

    "key_systems": {
      "": {
        "license_url": "https://..."
      "com.widevine.alpha": {
        "license_url": "https://..."

Page last updated on 29 Mar 2020