Overview: Using Aspera for Ingestion to Video Cloud

IBM Aspera is a popular solution for reliable high-speed file transfers. Brightcove offers a simple and flexible solution for adding videos and media assets to Video Cloud using Aspera. The topics in this section explain the details.

Using Aspera with Brightcove

The basic workflow for using Aspera to transfer your files to Video Cloud as shown below. Note that you will need to install the IBM Aspera Connect extension for your browser. The first time you login to Aspera, the dialog below will appear and guide you through the steps - see Installing Aspera Connect for more information.

Aspera Dialog
Aspera Dialog
  1. Go to https://ingest-transfer.brightcove.com/ and login using you Video Cloud credentials with the proper permissions (see Credentials below).
  2. Upload the files you want to ingest into Video Cloud.
  3. Wait for the transfer to finish
  4. Monitor the rest of the ingestion in Video Cloud using Studio or the CMS API.


There are two kinds of credentials for using Aspera ingestion:

  • Upload - for simple ingestion of videos without metadata or additional assets. Simply upload the video files. If a manifest of metadata is present, it will be ignored.
  • Upload with Metadata - in this case, file transfer will start when the manifest file providing metadata information is uploaded. This operation can be used to:
    • Add metadata and assets to a video on upload
    • Update metadata for existing videos
    • Add assets to existing videos
    • Re-transcode or replace existing videos

    See the Manifest Reference for details of this XML file. Note that there is a limit of 20 videos per manifest file.