Social API: Error Reference

This topic provides a reference for Social API errors.

General error messages

Status Name Message Cause
401 UNAUTHORIZED Permission denied. Missing or invalid OAuth access token. If you did supply an access token, it may not have for the appropriate scope for this request
403 FORBIDDEN   You do not have permission to access the resource. In most cases, you will have an error in the request URL.
404 RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND Resource does not exist. You requested a resource that does not exist - check spelling and path errors.
422   (Message varies according to the problem; examples:
  • "Page size is not within the range(1-100) 200"
  • "The since parameter must be an ISO-8601 datetime string"
Check query parameters to make sure the values are valid
500   an internal error occurred Issue in Brightcove system - try again later.

Social sharing errors

Social sharing errors are not returned as a separate error response to the API request, but rather in an errors array in the normal response.

If the sharing operation failed, the API will report "result": "ERROR" and return an error object containing the:

  • error_code - The error code returned recorded by the server, from the social platform, if any.
  • error_message - The error message recorded by the server, or returned from the social platform, if any.
  • platform_error - JSON representation of the error object returned from the social platform, if any.

Here is an example

"errors": [
    "error_code": "UPLOAD_FAILURE",
    "message": "Upload error: Received Facebook error response of type OAuthException: (#100) sponsor_id requires publishing profile/page to be verified or branding partner. (code 100, subcode null)"

See the documentation for the specific social platform for more information on the errors they return: