Brightcove Live Program Ad Metadata API

The program ad metadata API exposes an API for content metadata to be pushed and constantly updated out-of-band from a customer live stream.


The ad metadata (ad_server_data) schema supports a flat JSON syntax without nested elements (key-value pairs only). Ad server data set via the API is used for all ad breaks received after updating until the data is overwritten or reset. Customers can update and/or reset the data at any time during their live stream.

This metadata does not persist between steam activations. Ad metadata that needs to persist between stream activations should be set on the SSAI application ad configuration. Data set via the API is configurable for use as macros on ad server and server-side beacon replacement.

Ad program metadata is delivered to the SSAI system via custom playlist tags and follows existing Dynamic Ad Parameter (DAP) precedence in the SSAI system. Ad server data sent on a cuepoint takes precedence over metadata assigned to the job. If key collisions occur between cuepoint data and ad metadata on the job the cuepoint values are considered higher priority and used in the merged collection

Ad metadata provided on a cuepoint is only used for that cuepoint and does not persist for subsequent cuepoint insertions. Only ad metadata set via the program ad metadata API will persist for all subsequently received ad breaks until it is updated or reset.


For full details of the endpoints, see the Live API Reference.


To add or update live program ad metadata, send a POST request to:{job_id}/cuepointdata

Add/Update Fields
Field Type Description Example
ad_server_data Object An object containing key/value pairs.
  "ad_server_data": {


To delete live program ad metadata, send a DELETE request to:{job_id}/cuepointdata