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    Dynamic Ingest API: Best Practices

    The topic provides best practices for using the Dynamic Ingest API.


    The Dynamic Ingest API is powerful and flexible, but to use it most effectively, you need to follow some best practices, which are detailed below.

    Best practices

    Below are rules and guidelines for Dynamic Ingest.

    • You should not have duplicate jobs processing for the same asset. An asset in this instance is defined as a video object, an audio track in a specific language, a text track in a specific language, or a specific image type. Here are some examples to illustrate the point:
      • UNACCEPTABLE: Submit an ingest request for a video file and then submit another video ingest request with the same Video ID before the first ingest job completes
      • ACCEPTABLE: Submit an ingest request for a video file, then submit an ingest request for a text track in English associated with the same Video ID, and then submit an ingest request for a thumbnail image with the same Video ID
      • ACCEPTABLE: Submit an ingest job for a text track in English and then submit an ingest request for a text track in Spanish in parallel
      • UNACCEPTABLE: Submit a request to ingest a Spanish audio track and then immediately submit a request to ingest another Spanish audio track on the same Video ID
      • The profile field for ingest requests is optional. Avoid hard-coding the profile in apps and integrations - instead, set the most commonly used profile as the default for the account, and omit the field, or fetch the available profiles for the account and force the user to choose one.
    • A 20 request-per-second limit on each account for total requests across Dynamic Ingest and the CMS API.
    • There is a limit of 100 concurrent normal priority DI jobs per account
    • If you are ingesting large batches of files, consider using the Low Priority queue which will allow you to queue more than 100 jobs.
    • Ingest content is normally limited to 100GBs per file (if you need to ingest larger files please contact your Account Manager).
    • If you are ingesting files in batches, limit concurrent normal priority jobs to 100 and wait for one job to complete processing before adding another - see Fallback / Retry Strategy for more information.
    • Validate ingest profile changes to ensure you are getting the results you want before ingesting full batches.

    Page last updated on 28 Sep 2020