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    Ingesting content with DRM

    In this topic, you will learn about the content security options offered by Video Cloud. Video Cloud offers several forms of content security, some of which can be used together.


    DRM (Digital Rights Management) protects your video content by encrypting the video data and unlocking it based on license policies. When the video content is loaded into a Brightcove player, the player calls back to a licensing server and obtains permission to play the video. This transaction is transparent to viewers.

    For a general overview of DRM and Video Cloud support it, see Overview: Digital Rights Management in Video Cloud.

    DRM for Dynamic Delivery

    If your account is enabled for Dynamic Delivery and it has been enabled for DRM by your account manager, all the videos newly uploaded will be protected. If you wish to apply protection to existing Dynamic Delivery videos, please contact Brightcove Support.

    If your account is enabled for DRM and you want to deliver some titles without DRM, set the drm_disabled flag via CMS API to true using an Update Video request.

    Sample request


    The request is PATCH request to:


    Request body

                      "drm_disabled": true

    You can also turn off DRM for particular videos by going to the video properties in Studio and clicking the DRM toggle:

    Studio DRM Toggle
    Studio DRM Toggle

    After you click the toggle, it will look like this:

    Studio DRM Toggle Off
    Studio DRM Toggle Off

    You do not need to create custom ingest profiles for DRM.

    Page last updated on 13 Jan 2022